So, my mistake was that I continued to act as if this was my hobby and I was making games just for fun. I didn't do anything other than development and responding to reviews under my games. I also did the occasional sale. And as a result, now that the popularity of my games has started to drop I can't do anything about it.


Right after the release of drevepsina, I decided to try to put a little more effort into PR than usual (usually it’s just a post on reddit). Maybe even spend some money on it. But before I started doing anything I decided to do some research by reading about PR, some interesting tips on how to do it and stuff like that. And it turned out that I had been ignoring one of the most important aspects of a game's success all these years - marketing.


To say I felt like an idiot is an understatement. But at the same time, it gave me hope. Yes, my marketing skill is zero, because I didn't pump it up in any way. But if I make long and hard enough efforts, I can probably reach some minimum level at which I do not depend on Google's algorithms 100%, but only 98%.


I don't have tons of money to pour into selling streams or reviews on YouTube. And I don't have a so-called media resource, i.e. a big enough platform from which I can reach a large number of people. Yes, I have a subreddit, a youtube channel and a discord server, but they are all very small. The only thing I have is my games on google play and app store, through them I can promote my new games. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't stand a chance. Anyway, it is obvious that this is not enough and I need to work on increasing my media resource. Yes, success is not guaranteed at all, but do I have any other way?


Anyway, I decided to create and maintain this blog with the expectation that it will help me to promote my new games in the future. By the way, I don't have any blogging skills either, so I decided to repeat my gamedev path. That is, I'm going to blog in test mode for a while, and then when I feel that my skills have grown to such a level that I'm not ashamed to show these posts to other people, I'll start cross-posting them on reddit with a link here.